Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting provides aesthetics and functionality to your home. At the end of the day, nothing says, “Welcome!” like a well lit home. With low-voltage landscape lighting, you can illuminate everything that makes your house unique. Understanding the advantages of exterior lighting will enable you to determine which services fit your needs.

Upgrades, Maintenance, and Repair Services

  • Replacing dim or burned out bulbs
  • Repairing severed wiring and burned out transformers
  • Cleaning lenses, repairing and adjusting fixtures
  • Verifying lighting timers and dimmers are set properly
  • Replacing non-operating control modules, timers and photocells
  • Installing additional lighting
  • Upgrading to LED bulbs, new control units and fixtures

Other Useful Tips & Tricks

Install low wattage bulbs in your 120-volt porch lights and post lights so the lights will not overpower the landscape lighting system. Upgrade bulbs to LED’s to extend bulb life and reduce energy consumption.

Advantages to Exterior Lighting

  1. Safety and Security: A proven deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family and friends.

  2. Visual Appeal: Beautifully enhances any outdoor landscaping and architecture, increasing your property value.

  3. Low maintenance and low voltage: LED Lighting Systems use as much as 80% less energy and last 10 times longer than halogen. Because LED light bulbs use less energy than existing lighting systems, transformer and wire can support doubling the number of lighting fixtures after upgrading to LEDs.

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