Popular Irrigation Upgrades

Irrigation products are improving on a regular basis. Rainy Days can upgrade your system to save water, reduce damp areas and hot spots, avoid fines from water departments and keep your landscape looking its best no matter what the weather conditions.

Pressure Regulation

Don't let water pressure damage your irrigation system

Rain Sensor

Cut down on your water bill this year

Head Upgrades

Increase the performance of your sprinkler system

Smart Controllers

Stop spending your weekends watering the yard

Check Valves

Prevent excess water drainage from your sprinkler system

Do you need to upgrade your irrigation system?

Here are a few common problems we see before our customers decide to upgrade with us:

  • Increases in your water bill
  • Certain areas that receive too much or too little water
  • Cracks in the sprinkler head
  • Check valves that won’t open
  • Clogged or leaking sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler systems that can’t meet the growing needs of a large landscape

Ready to put water back in its place?
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