Check Valves

We all understand that water naturally runs downhill. That same force of gravity applies to the leaking water from your sprinkler system, and check valves often serve as the first line of defense against excess water drainage. A check valve will prevent the excess water in pipes from draining out of the sprinklers after the valve has shut off.

How do check valves operate?

Check valves keep your water flowing in one direction, automatically opening and closing a disc based upon the amount of water pressure flowing through your piping. The disc will open when the flow pressure is strong and will close as the flow and pressure decreases.

Without a pre-installed or post-installed check valve, your sprinkler system will continue to allow water to drain once the sprinkler station has been cut off, wasting water.. 

Preventing excess drainage from your sprinkler system should be an important part of the decision making process when configuring your irrigation system. Pre-installed check valves within a sprinkler head have become the norm, however there are some sprinkler systems that require post-installation within the sprinkler head or piping. 

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