Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart TV. Smartphone. Smart cars. Smart watches. Smart thermostats. Smart irrigation controllers.

Today, smart technology is the next step towards innovation and cost-efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), residential outdoor water use accounts for an estimated 9 billion gallons of water. 4.5 billion gallons of that water is wasted every day due to inefficient water irrigation systems and overwatering. That’s where smart controllers come into play.

What are Smart Controllers?

An irrigation controller acts as a clock to your sprinkler system. You can program the clock to water your grass or plants at the most opportune times, so you’re not spending your weekends in the backyard. A well-programmed irrigation controller can mean the difference between savings on your bill and overwatering.

A smart controller allows homeowners to access irrigation controllers from a remote location without direct face-to-face contact with your irrigation controller or program the irrigation controller based on variable conditions.

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